We’re Localists!
Indieconomy is all about Celebrating, Highlighting, Connecting and helping Grow YOUR Local Independent Economy.

Our Philosophy

If we connect a Localist to other Localists the Localist Movement will become what it can become.

We believe that if more focus is placed on the 50 miles around where every American lives many if not all of our economic challenges could be resolved.

We’d also live in happier, healthier and more sustainable communities.

We also believe that Democrats, Republicans, Independents and
Libertarians are ALL Localists at their core and want the very best for
their communities.

Pat Howlett

Our Approach

Share, Share, Share.

Work, Work, Work.

Make as many solid relationships as possible.

Provide value in everything we do.

..and try not to sleep too much.

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[ Join Us ]

Are you a part of the Localist Movement? Or WANT to be?
Local Business - Local Retail
Local Food - Local Investing
Local Economy - Local Health
Local Energy - Local Environment
Local Control
Then you're in the right place.
Connect with others on the platform that best serves you...

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Localist Orgs

The Organizations below are on the front lines of Localism and are making a difference in YOUR Community whether you know them or not.

Get to know them and join the one that best fits your interest & get engaged.

BALLE - Be a Localist  The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA)  Institute for Local Self-Reliance  Slow Food USA Slow Money

Note to these Organizations: I plan on adding a better logo & more information for each of you and adding more Localist Organizations soon – hang in there :].


It will be easier for us to communicate using Twitter than email - hope you agree.