Can an LLC have two dba's?

How do I/Can I operate an LLC using two different assumed names/dba's? I know where to get the assumed name form and where to send it, etc. I just want to know if I can have a second dba for an LLC. I hope someone out there knows. I emailed the question to the NC Register of Deeds office, where you actually file the dba forms, but heaven only knows when I'll hear back from them. Of course, I'll try to call the office on Monday, but you know how that can go. :-)

- Teresa Robinson

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  • To follow up......I submitted my paperwork (with a check) to the Register of Deeds office for a second assumed name for my LLC. Surprisingly, I got the approved paperwork back in 5-6 business days. No issues at all. Thanks for the info from you guys.
    • Congratulations Teresa!
  • Thanks, Bob! Good to know you've had no issues. I submitted my paperwork yesterday.
    • Congratulations Teresa!
  • Teresa,
    I concur with Melanie, who knows her stuff. I've run multiple DBAs under an LLC, which is under a sub-chapter S corp, and have had no issues with it with my CPA.
  • Hi Teresa! You can have multiple DBA's under one LLC. I would recommend keeping separate financial records for each DBA. If you are using QuickBooks, this can be done in one file using the class feature to separate the different DBA's giving you individualized information on each DBA as well as a big picture view of the whole company. Separate files can be kept as well - it really depends on what your goals are for having the two different companies. There are many different ways these companies can be set up - and depending upon what your goals are, you may be able to achieve them without setting up additional companies.
    A good resource that you may find helpful for these types of questions is the Small Business Administration and SCORE. Both have local offices that offer workshops and free one-on-one business consulting. Below is a link to an upcoming workshop from SCORE: "How to Start and Stay in Business." I highly recommend this as a place to not only get very beneficial information for your business, but an avenue to ask questions such as the one you posted.
    Score Workshop: How to start and stay in business
    • Great reply!!
    • Melanie, thank you so much for your response! I'll check out the SCORE workshop too. - Teresa
  • If you are downtown, just stop in - there's rarely any kind of line. Probably faster! :)
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