Facebook Conundrum!

So frustrated! I'm trying to create a FB Fan page for my business (The Efficient Office) and I keep getting this error "Our automated system will not approve this name" I do have a personal FB page. Any suggestions?

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  • Tracey,

    Facebook prevents people from starting unauthorized Fan Pages by disallowing names that might be copyrighted. I'd be willing to bet that their system thinks you're trying to start a Fan Page for the TV show, "The Office."

    You can try contacting Facebook, but good luck; they're notoriously hard to get in touch with. Maybe you can come up with a different name that describes your business, rather than naming it outright?

    Drop a line if you need some more help--social media is in my DNA :)


    P.S. Were you at Final Friday Forum last week?
    • Hi Rob,
      WOW! You are GREAT! I think that pretty much explains it! I am so disappointed! I really wanted my business name to be my fan page name but have emailed Google a gazillion times and have not heard back from them (I bet you are not surprised!).

      Yes, I was as Final Firday and just this morning I retweeted you on your topic of tweeting, basically just go ahead and do it!

      Thanks again for your help and hopefully we'll get to meet at a local coffee event (I'm in Apex) a Final Friday or anything else!

  • Tracy, unless you have 25 fans on your fanpage you can't have a vanity url for your fb fan page. (It used to be 100). If you do have 25 fans, maybe someone else has that name? That are 2 things I can think of off the top of my head.

    Let me know what you discover!

    • Thanks so much Angel! I have a personal FB page and am trying to create a "Fan" page but it won't let me. I don't have any "Fan's" because I don't have a fan page. UGH! I'll keep you posted!
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