• Great to know. I am starting to use Hootsuite.
  • I tried again to "Create a Stream" and add Inside919 to my Hootsuite account. Ning isn't in the list. Bummer.
    • Teresa, are you using a free Hootsuite account or Hootsuite Pro? If I understand correctly, Ning is only available for (paid) Hootsuite Pro users.

      EDIT TO ADD: I just signed up for a trial of Hootsuite Pro, and it still doesn't list Ning as a stream choice. Guess that option really is gone. :(
  • Hootsuite is and has been enabled and many members are using it - the link Colleen provided should be followed. You'll be creating a "Stream" (I think this is what confuses people).
  • Not positive, but I don't believe it is enabled on this site.
    Here are the steps to do it per Hootsuite. I went through them but there is no Ning that comes up. I used to have it on my Hootsuite but noticed it is no longer there.  Let me know if you find out otherwise.
    • Thanks, Colleen. I didn't see Ning either. Oh well. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something somewhere.
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