• When I checked the "directions" link on the page you gave, it still goes to "royal scenter ridge," which I'm guessing is your subdivision? Better than your street address... Although will complete the blanks...
    I used a POB for a while and then Google deleted the page. Never bothered to get it back.
    • Hi Karen, Yes, Royal Senter Ridge is the subdivision. I went to and searched the business in Apex, and nothing came up. Hmmm, I'm not sure if that's a good thing (personally) or a bad thing (business wise). Interesting. Thanks for your feedback! Pam
  • Just got a chance to see this. I did not see your street address on the page you listed?
    • Oh GOOD! Maybe I see it because it's my page? Just glad it isn't out there floating around - grin. Thanks Martin!!
  • It was a while since I set this up, Pam, but I believe I just put "Apex, USA" as my address and now the map just pinpoints the town. Maybe try that?

    Martin just added a Google+ Event - November 26th - if you want to dive into Google+ deeper.
    • I Gaynor, here's the link to the page NewDirection maybe it's just because it's me looking at it on my computer that I see the street address. Would you look and see if you see the street address?Thanks
      • Pam - will inbox you on this.
  • @ Debby - Hmm, but no answer yet, sigh. ANYBODY?
  • Good question.
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