How to Use and Leverage Inside919

I've been wanting to put together a new training video that shared info on how to both use the network and some of the best practices in leveraging it.

It's 25 minutes but can save you many many hours of time trying to figure this out on your own.


Click the Play button to start and you can PAUSE this if you need.

Really hope this helps you get started right around here.

If you have questions you can post below or send me (Pat Howlett) or Martin Brossman an email.

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  • Good to be back in the network!
  • I posted my 8-week yoga class under 'events'.
    Where else should I post? Forums? Listings?
    Thanks, Olga
  • Helpful--thanks!
  • Appreciate the kind words!!
  • Thanks - that was my goal :)
  • I really appreciated the concise nature of each of this video's segments and the way it simply demonstrated how one can effectively make use of the site's features, along with corresponding visual displays showing each facet in action. No doubt it will prove to be a terrific tool that I'm sure will be helpful as I become better acquainted with this site, its members and the opportunities both present for me to be a valued contributor.
  • Pat, This is a helpful video for those who have been "inside" for a while as well! Thanks for posting! Terri
  • HI Pat:
    There's so much here I'll have to listen to it again. As others are, I'm new to this whole idea of networking, etc. but I find it very exciting. I will try and implement some of your wonderful ideas! Thanks.
This reply was deleted.

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