EDITED 1/19/2010: I have found that I'm the speed bump in growing this program - we have many members recommending (here and via email) and shops interested - but I've not been able to find the time to reach out to them and it gets worse when it turns into "phone tag". SOOO, if you know a Coffee Shop Owner who is interested... please simply "Invite" them to join the network - I'll be on the lookout for them, make contact and share the details - this might not only speed things along, but also concentrate on those shop owners who really see the fit. I am leaving the original post up below to go along with the recommendations and comments but will need to "Close" the discussion. Hope this works better - it's the old 'ask and you shall receive' at work. :) ---------------- Original Post -------------- We've started another of our initiatives to help members meet offline to create and enhance business relationships. The goal will be for inSide919 to create constructive relationships with Locally Owned Coffee Shops... all across the 919. If you know of one (preferably one you frequent) please post below in the following format: Name of Coffee Shop Owners Name if known Street Address Town Phone Number Let the Coffee Shop owner know you've recommended them so we don't look like a "cold call" :) [there is NO cost for them to participate] They will be added to this page - feel free to share this with them. We intend to encourage inSiders to meet Tuesday mornings (when you can) from 8:30am - 10:00 at the Coffee Shop closest to where they live or work and meet their business neighbors. These will be informal and without structure - if you can't get there till 9:00am, that's fine, if you have to leave early that's fine as well. This is what you'd do if you lived in a small town :). Keep in mind that you will be able to take the "conversation" back online here via; Comment Walls, Friend requests and personal internal email. There is NO cost for them to participate - our gain is that they will want to refer us to their business customers who might benefit from membership here. Cross-pollination marketing if you will. They will of course need to become members of inSide919 in order to fully benefit from my plans. Thanks! I just launched www.LocalCoffeeBreak.com in order to have a place an inSider can direct a Coffee Shop owner to in order to learn about what I'd like to do. So... simply pass this link onto any owner you know. It is a bit rough now, but I'll add more as we grow.

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  • Name of Coffee Shop: The Coffee Mill
    Owners Name: Jodi Sager & Cliff Morgan
    Street Address: 105 S. Lombard Street (1 block off Main St.)
    Town: Clayton
    Phone Number: 550-0174

    Located in the back of a wonderful old late-19th-century building, a former hardware store. They've got tin ceilings, exposed brick walls, dark hardwood floors, the whole ambiance thing going. They carry Larry's Beans coffees, only fair-trade/shade-grown. Also have a restaurant/nightclub around the side of the building (The Flipside) so they serve lunch as well as the usual coffee shop pastries/bagels.

    Jodi and Cliff were the originators of the spring "Millstock" music and art fair, which over the past decade has grown into a pretty big deal street festival (well, a big deal for Clayton, that is).
  • Swift Creek Coffee House

    1350 5th Avenue
    Garner, NC 27529-3638
    (919) 773-2001

    Great service. Great latte. Felt good to walk in the door.
    • They are locally owned so we'd love to have them. I've not been in a Daylight Donut, do you know if they have room for up to 20 people dropping in and visiting?

      Since you know the owners can you share with them what we're doing to be sure they are interested. The next step would be for them to join inSide919 and then I'll take it from there. Thanks!
  • Coffee & Crepes
    Terri Pastrana
    113 Crossroads Blvd
    Cary, NC 27518

    I chatted with Terri last night about this and she would like to have everyone. karen
  • Pat - this recommendation is from Loni Holme

    Good Morning Angel Can you see if Java Divine in Holly Springs, Marco is the owner with his wife, (forgot her name) would like to be added to the local coffee houses.
    here is the contact info

    Java Divine
    128 Bass Lake Rd
    Holly Springs, NC 27540-7620
    (919) 577-6288

    Marco (owner) and wife
    You can say Loni Holm suggested them. I do not think that they are on inside919. Thanks Loni
  • Aversboro Coffee
    1401 Aversboro Rd
    Garner, NC 27529-3980
    (919) 779-9337

    I think there are two owners. I met Jeremy Macon. I think the other owners name is Josh. Nice place and pretty roomy inside.
  • Thanks Brigitte - I've been there and it's a really nice place.
  • Thanks Eric, I'll reach out to Scott, if you see him please let him know a bit about what we're doing so it does not come across like a 'cold call' :)
  • Hey Jen, heard great things about the 101, do you operate like a Coffee Shop in the morning? Would love to add you to the Event list.
  • Thanks Stephen, did not know of this one - if you go in there let them about us - don't want to seem like I'm cold calling on them.
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