• Thanks for everyone's input on this.
  • View my work at and I not only design and publish books but design many logos for independent publishers as well.
    Ted Ruybal, Publisher
  • I recommend Will as he is actively building his business (evidenced by his reply) and if you go to his website you'll see the guy has design skills (I do not personally know Will, but if you contact him you will get to :)
  • Wendy Tefft, Spotlight Creative Design David DiGirolamo,
    I have worked with both and refer them wholeheartedly. Both are here on the network.
  • Appreciate Ken's recommendation, but know there are many folks right here in the 919 and on this network that can do a great job.
    Here are 15 - who list "logo design" as what they do.
    My recommendation is to open their profiles up in new tabs, give their profile a review and go to their websites - I know many on this list and we are fortunate to have so many talented members.
  • Matt Gardner, g-graphics, 3367076876, - very good and reasonable. He did my logo and I get compliments all of the time. Ken
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