Pinterest Business Accounts available!

Pinterest just created a "business" account designation. You can create a new account under that label, or convert an existing account TO the business category. If you have been running your boards for your business, go ahead and convert the account.

At this moment (11/15/2012), there's not a lot of difference in the functionality between business and personal. As this feature rolls out, expect to receive targeted education from Pinterest about how to use the system to send traffic and business to your website. In addition, I expect paid marketing opportunities to follow pretty soon.

HubSpot had the best "how-to" article I've seen:  HubSpot on Pinterest Business Accounts

Mostly, say you want to convert and change the business name of the account if you need to.  Assign a contact person if it's not you. 

Then, load the verification snippet onto the ROOT DIRECTORY of your website, and click the "verify" button (this code does NOT go into your website HTML code like Google Analytics code does).  That's all!  You'll see a change in your profile--your business website will be highlighted, with a big red check, instead of the pale grey globe icon that used to be there.

Contact me if you have any questions about how to make Pinterest work for your business.  I'm teaching Marketing on Pinterest for the Cary Chamber at Wake Tech West (Kildaire) on Thurs, Dec 6, 8:30-10:30 am.

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