Hello Inside919er,

Please take the time to read this - it's kinda important.

Going into the 4th year of Inside919 I knew I needed to make some changes and so emailed and posted the message linked below to all members on Jan 20, 2012.

IMPORTANT: 2012 Membership Changes are a comin

I've spent the time since this update digging into what I could do to meet the goals of becoming a REAL difference in the business success of those most interested in actively leveraging & engaging the network and fellow active members. 

After getting input from some of our seasoned members via emails, phone calls and sit-down meetings it's time for me to flip the switch (while leaving options for folks to take their time) and make some changes.

The 1st thing you'll notice (as of today) is that all Contributions (Articles and Events) are subject to approval prior to being posted. That said, for the next 30 days 
will be approved as before.

Within these 30 days members will decide what level of participation works best for them and only those who elect the
 "Insider" (and above) Member Option will be able to contribute content to the network. 

All others will become
and will have the benefits that seem to best suit those who simply want to join our business community, create a profile, participate in conversations & events and in general make connections, increase visibility and make themselves available to be connected to. 

I wanted to make sure that we had options that members could elect and give Inside919 a try before having to commit any resources (both time or money) - I also wanted to make sure that there was a no cost option so that the newest of our local micro business brethren would find a free business home and launch pad to grow.

SO... Please take a couple minutes and review the
 Membership Options and see which one might work best for you and your business.  

I realize that this has the possibility of reducing membership - but anyone who has been a member with us (beginning day 1) knows that I'm more interested in an active, engaged and quality business community with members locking arms, minds and talents for the greater good than becoming a network with large numbers.

Small is the next Big.

The path we now embark on is the result of this objective and goal - from a personal standpoint I want to work closer with those who want to work actively with others. 

PLEASE feel free to post your positive OR constructive comments below - if you'd rather send me something in private please go to 
my page and click on the "Send me Internal Email" link at the top.

My business & decisions have always been very public and so I invite all interested to watch how this transition turns out (we've always been a social experiment) the network could blossom or fade -
it will at least be interesting and educational.

Chapter 2 for Inside919 begins NOW...

Choose your Membership Level

Membership Options Overview:

"Member" - Cost: Free 
and you do NOT have to do ANYTHING... you're already IN.

[NOTE: this has been changed, there is now a $10.00 per quarter investment ($3.33 mo)  the reason for the change is that without folks making a decision we'd still have orphaned profiles]

Member Profile, Forum Access, Participate in Groups, Free Classifieds, Comment on all content, Insider hCard and most importantly Make Connections and increase your local visibility.

"Insider" - Cost: $30.00 per quarter (= $10 per month)

All Member benefits Plus... "IN" Profile Badge, Create Articles (with external distribution), Post Events, Upload Videos, Upload Photos, "Insider Only" Training and other benefits as determined.

"Network Partner" - Cost: $200.00 per month
[This remains a limited opportunity - 2 per occupation]

All Insider benefits Plus... "NP" Profile Badge, Rotating Branding Advertisment (right side of all 29,000 pages), Monthly Power Meeting, 1 Minute Intro Video, 30 Minute Radio Interview, Extended Content Distribution, Private Consultation (as needed), hCard Directory Ad

"Business Builder" - Available Soon.

Final Note: It is perfectly okay with me if you've been here a while and like what we do to go ahead and elect a membership option today :)

[Electing "Member" Status requires NO action - Everyone is a Member]

Please take the time to register and complete a sample of one of the "Insider Only" Trainings without cost - 
Article Marketing for Insiders

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  • I really don't like that we have to "Approve" contributions before they go public.
    At this time it's what we have to do due to technical limitations - I'm going to think about this a bit and see if there is a way to get the membership goals accomplished AND make this easier/efficient/effective for everyone at the same time.
    Stay tuned.
    • The New Membership Options have been posted. We'll start the transition June 15th 2012.
  • I've got alot to learn from everyone, and so would want "Insider" status to take advantage of the training and other benefits. Pat "restructure" is an investment and I see it as a way to esteem yourself, the site and the members. Thank you for your clear and informative communication.
    • Hey Lisa - I'm really looking forward to rolling all of this out and welcoming you as an Insider - Thanks!!
  • Good idea. I understand the importance of having a committed network and implemented something similar with my professional Meetup group. Looking forward to being an "Insider".
    • Thanks Paula - Groups of all kinds and types in time can either kill the group or become less dynamic - I'm committed to getting us back on course and appreciate your support.
  • For me....it has been like family and I mean the good type. A community both on line and off line and that is a challenge for sure. This network provides me with motivation to work harder and certainly have shared laughs and smiles with many. Thanks for being there INSIDE 919(and Pat) and let's CONTINUE TO GROW AND PROSPER! I'm still training myself for the best question we can all ask....How can I help you?
    • Thanks Lawrence - I remember when we were smaller in numbers we were an even better family :)
  • Pat, what level is the leaders for the business networking town groups? Also, I've moved to Raleigh; should I move from the Cary group to the Raleigh group? If so, I'm willing to lead that one instead. Thanks for all you do for us!!
    Have a terrific weekend!
    • Hey Julie - Active Town Group Leaders = "Insiders" (there will also the other perks that only come to this person :)
      Yes, if you're not in Cary we need to remove you from that Group and I'd love to have you help us get Raleigh going. Can't do anything with this until the first of next week. Again, the goal is to get a Tuesday Morning Coffee Break going as well as the 3rd Thursday somewhere.
      We can set up a time to visit on this and I'll be hosting a Town Group Leader Event soon.
This reply was deleted.

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