Upload a Personal Photo

A "Personal Photo" is one of the Requirements of Membership.

If you need to upload or change your Profile Photo please do the following;

- Go to your "My Page" and look under the Current Photo for the "Manage My Page or Photo" link
- click it
- on the next page look for the "Photo" area at the top and the "Browse" button.
- click it
- navigate to where your photo is on your computer and upload using the prompts

The canvas size is 183x183 for best formatting.

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  • Hey Karen, crop the photo to fit within 183x183 pixels and then re-upload (I have this posed in the instruction at the top) - that should do the trick.
  • Hey Daniel - I'll shoot you an internal email and look forward to helping.
    • FOLLOW UP: Daniel sent me his photo and I edited it and sent it back for upload. The issue was that both the file and canvas size were huge. Re-sized it to 183x183 and it was good to go. Let me know if I can be of help.
      • Pat:
        Can you post some information about:
        1) How to determine file size and
        2) How to change it to a more manageable amount.
        I faced the same issues with my picture and resolved it intuitively.
        This would help people facing the same issue. I know of at least two others with the same issue... one on Inside919 and the other on Inside910.
        • Hey Steve, sorry for the delay.

          1). Right click on the image on your computer and select 'Properties' - (Size).
          2). You would need to use an Image Editing Program. There are many Shareware and Freeware options available - this is outside the level of support I can provide. There are Graphic Designers and IT inSiders who would love to help.
          • Pat:
            Thanks for reminding me.
            My original picture was 1.6 MB and I resized it with Picasa which is freeware. My wife uses that software and likes it a lot.
            -- Steve
This reply was deleted.

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