What got you to choose to stay?

It is a very tough thing to move from a very large free service that gave me high value to a smaller tighter group of around 150.

I learned a while ago that just because you have a lot of "people" does not mean much. The power is not in big numbers but the quality of the people and content.

I personally want to say welcome to all that are still here.

I am more excited then ever about this months final Friday as well. Pat I know you worked hard to be as respectful and clear of the transition as possible and thanks.

So what was it that got you to choose to be part of Version 2 inside919?

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  • To me, there is no other network platform (for the value) that performs the behind the scenes steps necessary that Pat does to increase our businesses visibility both locally and nationally. Pat’s latest video on Ranking Systems is just another example of his never ending, continual efforts to help our businesses succeed. Gaynor Fries sums it up nicely – Quote “I have nothing but respect and admiration for the vision and hard work that Pat put into bringing this to life.”
    I admire the leaders on the network for their passion to help others, for their knowledge they are willing to share in helping us all become more successful. I love the new version of Inside919 and its vision. I’ll take quality over quantity any day!
    I also believe connecting and building relationships with like minded people is a key component to the success of small business. When people get to know, like, and trust you, they will refer your services to others. Inside919 is a great community to build such relationships. Without this network, I would not have connected, nor established the wonderful relationships with others that I have, nor received the business that I have.
    I was thrilled to be asked to take on the role as Community Manager for the network, and honored to be part of the team. :)
  • I've only been in the Raleigh area for a few months having moved from central Pennsylvania (it's hot here!). In that short amount of time I've heard Inside919 many time in such a positive light. I wanted to be part of that! That, plus Pat was especially helpful in assisting me with some nuances. Delighted to be a part of this wonderful connection!
    • My Father is from Allentown PA and I just love the countryside there. Big welcome to the area!!!
  • I LOVE inside919! I stayed because of all the wonderful people I've met here, all the useful business knowledge that's been shared with me, and about 1/3 of my client base comes from this network. How could I leave something that's such a great quality?
    • Love to hear that news!
  • Actually, I was here to find out why Martin was here! LOL I fully admit to being one of those lurkers. The goals Pat shared with regards to the intent of the changes made at Inside919; where in my opinion right on target. So, I felt compelled to show my support and joined immediately. It also prompted me to take the time to go meet Pat for the Inside919 Bootcamp. Now, I understand why you are here. I could not agree more; it's not about the numbers; it's about finding or surrounding yourself with the right people.
    • Great to have you as a up front part of the community and you are a real asset to the group I have a the club as well ProfessionalNetworkingOnTheWeb.com .
  • Like the show Cheers . . . "I want to go where everybody knows my na-a-ame!! and here, unlike any other space, I can talk with people online and then come out and talk with them in person. Its inside-outside - and it is so helpful when you are in business for yourself because you know you are never alone! I love this family feeling we have here "inside"!!
    • It truly has become a community and had become closer with the change.
  • I see the vision....something good moving to great! Besides...I'm easy, I keep paying for Netflix even though I never rent movies MUCH!! LOVE THE COMBO = ONLINE AND OFFLINE
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