Post an Article on Inside919 and we make sure that it gets visibility.

View this video to see how this works.

If you're an "Insider" and go through the "Article Marketing" Training you are gona LOVE what this will do for you :]

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Updated video showing the lasting effects of our Distribution

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  • I will be posting an article soon!!!
  • Hello Pat, I just finished watching your video and cut and pasted all my postings into Google search and there they were #1 front & center. Very Cool! As always, thanks for all you do. This is awesome!
    • Now keep in mind that this will happen - however, in order to get the special sauce (main benefits) you HAVE to create the right "Title", "Structure" the Article correctly, embed the proper "external links" and have the right "close/invitation" that contains a "call to action".
      If you do the above with our distribution you'll start to see what can really happen. This is all covered in the Article Marketing training so please make the time to go through it completely.
      Also remember that our goal is NOT to get on the 1st page of Google - that's 1 of our goals - our Real goal is to connect with real people who are looking for our product or services and engage them in doing business with us.
  • Wow! I apologize in advance for future blatant uses of keywords in titles.
    • Hey Dan, Keep using blatant keywords in your future articles - simply make the title also readable to humans (don't stuff keywords) - I want your articles read and easily found by someone searching.
      Hope you can make time to go through the Article Marketing training I put together - I really believe it can help.
  • What speed when things get posted! Another feather in the cap for 919 partnering...
    • Wait till you see what I have planned for the "Video Distribution" - it's gona be really fast and if it works like it does in my head... very powerful.
      An unfair competitive advantage over non-Insiders :)
  • I took your advice and inserted the titles of my InSide articles into Google Search. Wow-Wow-Wow! They all show up number 1 or at least the majority of those I tested. Great job!
    • @Debby, as you can see we're going to get your article indexed - if you'll do your part and make sure you've created the right title, structured the article correctly and create an "Invitation" to the reader to get more - this should greatly improve your marketing in the content arena.
      Be sure to take the time to go through the "Article Marketing" training - I cover all of this in there.
  • Watched the video demonstration. Looks like a lot of work behind the scenes to boost the ratings.
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