Fellow Insiders, I really want to know this....Where do you get leads for your business? Do you have your VA search the internet and make a list? Do you do a walk-in as you see a good prospect? Do you buy a list from someone? Do you buy your lead lists from a business or company? Do you use software to find leads? You don't have to reveal sources if you don't want to - I'm just really curious. Please share!

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  • Teresa, if you are searching for local biz, I have found the 919 networking opportunities to be amazing when I started my biz. The Tuesday Coffee Breaks are great! I go to the one at Electric Beanzif I can. It has been a huge part of referrals for many people.
  • I did that too! (Learned something new about Likes too!) I also passed along your link on my personal page. I'm sure there are others out there who would love it.
  • I purchased iFame. Can't wait to get started! Yes - we will connect. I'm also happy to be supporting a fellow local business. I'll be happy to like your page...I'll do it as Fit Dawg Deals.
  • Hi Roger,
    Wow - I watched your squeeze page video...iFame looks very impressive and the bonuses look great! The price is nice too! In what way would you deliver the 30 days of free coaching? Email? Phone? I think I would need coaching in the area of *what* exactly to offer and how to best attract fans. So glad you responded. -Teresa
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