Inside919 Membership Guidelines

You MUST Live & Work inside the 919 area code to be approved for membership.

Simple Guidelines to get you started (okay you could call them rules :)...

Our #1 RULE... "Professionals don't SPAM Professionals!"


 Complete your Profile using Your Name [NOT your Business or Organization name]

 Add a Personal Photo when joining. [Instructions on How to upload a Personal Photo]

 Reach out to others via their Profile Comment Wall.

 Reply to the comments and communications from other members.

 Make "Friends" [it increases your ability to communicate].

 Contribute where ever you can add value with your expertise.

 Reply to others in a business-like manner.

 Introduce yourself and include a link to your website.

 After you've met someone here - meet offline [you're both local's].

 Join the "Group" for your Town and other "Interest Groups". - Invite others to join us.

 Invite other local business owners/professionals you would recommend to join us.



 Use the Internal Email system to send more than 5 Bulk emails, promotions, deals, notices or solicitations of any kind - When in doubt don't sent it out! - [Internal Email is for relationship building].

 Post any material that is not family friendly (Children can access this site).

 Use the Event, Forum or Blog functions as a way to circumvent the above.

 Post any Advertising on another Members Profile.

 Post Events for a 'Range of Dates' (day of the Event only). This is due to a limitation to the platform we run on.

 Use the word 'Inside919' in any Promotions without permission.

 Threaten, Insult, or Harass another Insider. [cause for removal]
 Engage in Unethical or otherwise Harmful Business Practices. [cause for removal]
 Post False or Misleading information. [cause for removal].

 Hire someone to manage your Account or post using your Identity [makes no sense to have someone act for you in such a small local network].

 Post an Event for someone outside Inside919 (non-Insider).

 Post ANY Material or Content which you do not own or have permission to post. [Please honor Copyrights - cause it's the right (and legal) thing to do].

 Don't create a "Group" that is centered around your Business (Groups benefit fellow members and are NOT commercial).

 Don't turn off receiving emails from the network - the point here is to connect folks (you can select the "Digest" notices - you will be removed if you do this)