A Previous Life

Me and my family in Bermuda, where we lived for 11 years.
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  • Fond memories no doubt! I could say the same about my time in NYC! However, I like to think that while obviously different; each place we live or stage in our life gives us a great deal to be thankful and experiences which often shape us in ways we may overlook. You are 100% correct, no risk typically means no fond experience to recall in the old rocking chair.
  • Thanks Edward. It was a blast - I'll probably look back on those years as the best in my life. Great things can happen if you just take a risk - leap and the net will appear!
  • The Triangle is a lovely place but....... Kudos! No everyone gets to say they have lived what everyone else calls vacation! Even if only a limited time we should all get to be so lucky at some point! I would be happy to just head out on that vacation. Right now!
  • Love your Bermuda picture, Gaynor. You have an adorable familiy. Look forward to meeting you in person at some point.
  • Thanks Mark and Lawrence. We had some professional shots taken before we left the island - this is one of my favorites.
  • nice fam!!
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